all right. get your stupid fuckin' rope.

this is a blog for norman reedus and sean patrick flanery stuff. let me know if you have questions or requests for artworks, gifs or anything norman and/or sean included.
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And we’re still here.
You’re not here. And neither am I.

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As far as the relationship and what kind of a relationship it is, I will not say that it is a mother-son relationship by any means. However I would say that together they are very nurturing for one another and they are very supportive of one another, and that they give each other a lot of permission just to be themselves. Because they both understand how it feels to be surpressed, to have that right just to be yourself and to have that freedom to explore who you are just squashed, taken away. I think that now they respect that in one another and allow that for each other. And I think that’s beautiful in any relationship.

- Melissa McBride

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Behind the scenes and promo photos for Entertainment Weekly (x) part 2/2


'The Walking Dead' returns in: 19 days

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Norman defending his coffee + Andy’s reaction:

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The line is pretty clear: zero tolerance for Walkers.

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